Monday, 31 August 2009

Why was it right to cancel the exhibition?

Statements of support...

"As a retired Sergeant Major who served in the United States Army for 28 years, 23 of which were in foreign countries, including 20 in Germany, I stand in support of Philippa Ebéné's decision to rescind her support for this exhibit. In fact, I as I 'm certain would my fellow soldiers who served either in the Second World War or as a member of the US Occupational forces commend her for her courage. We hope that her superiors will recognize her as a woman of principal and at some point resurrect this effort with appropriate dignity. Additionally, I applaud the efforts of the community of persons of color in Germany for their support of Ms.Ebéné. "


Sergeant Major Milton Johnson, US ARMY RET.


This summer I spent three months in Germany, six weeks of which was as a student in Berlin. As part of my coursework for my class, "Berlin After the War," I visited several museums and exhibits that included representations of the US Troops and Allied Occupational Forces in Germany during and after World War II. Having grown up as a Black German adoptee in an African American military family I frequently heard stories from my father and his friends about their tours in Germany during the war and the occupation period. I was deeply saddened to note that in the museums and exhibitions I visited in Germany nowhere did I find any evidence of Black soldiers’ presence or service. While I am extremely disappointed at the cancellation of the exhibition, I agree with Philippa Ebéné's decision. People of Color who fought against the Nazi regime and therefore played a crucial role in breaking the regime , are heroes and deserve to be recognized as such. The manner in which this exhibit would have proceeded would have been disrespectful. As much as I would have loved to have seen Germany acknowledge them, I would not have appreciated having their contributions degraded. I am grateful to Phillippa Ebéné for insisting on an appropriate tribute.

Rosemarie Peña, President
Black German Cultural Society, Inc.
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