Saturday, 31 January 2009

"African Diasporic Food" - Presentation by Peggy Brunache PhD Cand

Sonntag, 8. Februar
Die Weisse Rose - Raum Uganda

Peggy Brunache PhD Cand

"African Diasporic Food" is a PowerPoint presentation by Peggy Brunache which provides an introductory examination of "Black" food and cuisine created, processed and consumed by enslaved Africans and their descendants of the Americas.

Peggy Brunache is researching foodways and creole culture using archaeological data from Habitation La Mahaudière, Guadeloupe. Although she cannot be present during "Inspired Comm-unity" Black History Month 2009, she has very kindly agreed to participate "remotely", by allowing us to run her presentation on African Diasporan Food.

Peggy Brunache is completing her doctoral thesis at the University of Texas at Austin (Center for African and African American Studies).

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